Lefkada is characterised by many tourism guides as the island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean sea.

KIND PEOPLE: Do not hesitate to ask local people for directions. They are always willing to assist.


North: Ai Giannis, Gira, Kastro, Ammoglossa
West: Pefkoulia, Agios Nikitas, Milos, Kathisma, Kalamitsi, Gialos, Egremnoi, Porto Katsiki
East: Ligia, Desimi, Nidri
South: Mikros Gialos, Ammousa, Agiofili, Vasiliki


Vasiliki with the dense vegetation.
Nidri, famous for its beautiful green surroundings and its cosmopolitan life.
Karia, the picturesque village 15km away of the “chora”.
Athani, with a breathtaking view to beautiful blue waters of the sea and the tastefull traditional dishes
Agios Nikitas, found in a picturesque bay with crystal clear waters and magical landscape
Vaukeri, ideal for walking and exploring
Ligia, 10 km away of Nidri, is the village for lovers who can visit the “Valley of Love”, a green and beautiful location
Poros, a beautiful, picturesque fishing village just waiting to be explored.
If you are seeking the Fjords of Lefkada, then you definitely have to visit the village of Sivota. Built on top of a bay with green hills and a sea lane to cut the hills in the middle.
Built in an ideal prime location, Perigiali will impress even the most discerning visitor.

 Rahi, Periyiali, Agia Kyriaki, Desimi beach

TRADITIONAL & LOCAL PRODUCTS: Some of these products are thyme honey, local sweets such as “pasteli” and “mantolato” (nougat), “soumada”, a refreshment made from bitter almonds, liqueurs, oil pies, extra virgin olive oil, salami, sausages, white and red wine and many more goods.