Renowned for its amazing shoreline as well as some of the most famous beaches in the world, such as the beach of Porto Katsiki where the emerald waters of the sea gently sweep the pristine white sand, the island of Lefkada is a beach haven of tranquility.

Ai Giannis, Miloi
Mostly prefered by wind surfers and kite surfers. Covering an area of 4.5 km with many taverns and cafes.

Very popular sandy beach.

A sandy beach with clear crystal water, mostly known to the local people.

On the other side of Agia Mavra’s castle, with white sand and crystal clear water.

Large sandy beach with very clean water and a pine forest that reaches the sand.

Agios Nikitas
A small beach, in front of taverns and cafes, mostly prefered by families.

Campers’ favorite beach, it is one of the most famous and cosmopolitan beaches of Lefkada with many bεach bars and restaurantσ.

A beautiful beach with turquoise waters, white pebbles, sand and rocks

Sandy beach with rocks that many campers visit

The famous 2km long beach surrounded by impressive cliffs, is considered among the best in the Mediterranean. The landscape refers to the Caribbean, as the waters are coloured turquoise and they are very clean. There is a canteen at the parking lot and one on the beach after the 350 steps that you need to get off.

Porto Κatsiki
A white strip of sand in front of the impressive white rock. This image is known to most, as it has been awarded as the best beach in Greece.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature

Cosmopolitan beautiful beach

Small, shaded and ideal for canoeing, with which you can explore the small beaches and caves along the coast.

Mikros Gialos
Beautiful and quiet pebble beach with clear waters below the village of Poros.

Small, pebbled beach with taverns and cafes.

One of the most beautiful pebble beaches. Located in a very picturesque bay on the left side of the Basilica. The water is turquoise and clear.

It is the favorite beach of wind surfers. Among the ten best in the world and the three best in Europe for windsurfing. Here the international watersports festival is conducted. On the western side of the beach, the sea is perpetually calm.