A beautiful place in Lefkas Island to rest and feel comfortable. Everything was more than great and the apartments were clean and modern.The hospitality was a great experience, so were the rooms. I would love to go for once more to that small paradise.. - Rafangelo A.


Rema Robi housing estate is situated in Ligia, Lefkada in a privately owned area of 3.500 m2 with fruit bearing and ornamental trees, a bright green garden and some view to the see.

The ideal position, 6 Kms from the city of Lefkada and 12 Kms from Nidri ensures peacefulness during resting time as well as easy access to the entertainment places. It's 1,5 Kms from Ligia beach and being situated on the central hub of the island it provides easy access to both western and eastern beaches of the island.

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